A downloadable asset pack for Windows, macOS, and Linux

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This asset pack contains:

  • Animated engineer (run, idle, jump)
  • Industrial tileset
  • Background tileset
  • Paralax background
  • Animated cosole
  • Animated vent
  • Animated fluid pipes
  • Animated lasers!



You can use the assets from this pack for personal and commercial projects. You cannot redistribute these assets.

Twitter - @ollieberzs


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Industrial pack.zip 28 kB


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you don't need to add this but a death animation would be great

One problem with your water pipes when you rotate them can connect them together you will notice that some of the pipes have a water flowing the wrong way, but overall this is a great asset pack, there are rarely any tile sets on here that I don't have to modify in order to make autotiling in gamemaker studio work

Bro ! That looks incredible ! I'm using in my game right off the bat !

i wish i could support this but i am an 11 year old who is just starting game development  

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Here is a hastily thrown together game using your incredible art:

8 levels is all I can stomach to make at this point. The levels get larger and more complex. They could probably use a map but eh who needs maps when you have exploration?


Great job man, I´am developing my own game now, and your game bring to me a lot of ideias. Great job